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Working with schools, parents, and organizations to reflect on and improve the quality of career, relationships, and life transitions.

Mary provides presentations that encourage participants to do the following:

  • Reflect on wellness and growth areas.
  • Renew job relationships.
  • Aim for healthier workplace and school climate.
  • Assist with social and emotional retirement preparation.

Sessions include informational input, group interaction and personal reflection in order to develop action steps for immediate  and long term application.

Mission Statement: Reflections Resources Ltd. exists to support parents, educators, caregivers and others in sustaining their energy, endeavors and enthusiasm.


Photo courtesy of Bonnie Bakkum.

Mary is author/coauthor of the following:

Teachers Today
Teachers in Transition The Teachers Reflective Calendar and Planning Journal
Special Educators Reflective Calendar and Planning Journal Reaching Students with Diverse Disabilities: Cross Categorical Ideas and Activities many-faces
Surviving Internal Politics Within The School Ethical Dilemmas in Education

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Mary Z. McGrath
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